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African American Family in Peril, All Races Needed

28 Feb


Every leader, and every believer we appeal to you.   The nation has rejected the Lord (root cause).  As a result it is paying the consequences.  The family unit is being destroyed.  There is no greater evidence of this than the Black family in the United States.  During the last fifty years the condition of the Black family has deteriorated in ways that are unimaginable:

Single parent families greater than 71%, Black males’ drop out rate is greater than 50%. While Blacks are 14% of the country they are responsible for more than 50% of the homicides, and nearly 38% of the prison population.  All of these trends continue to climb, and they are unsustainable.  This cannot continue, and “all” the people of God need to be engaged.

Please see the National Crisis fact sheet for more definitive information, action plans, and talking points:

Leader’s Fact SheetFact Sheet TrifoldFact Sheet Talking Points -1 PagerIndividual Action Plan (What each person can do)

We have initiated a generational initiative, Return to Him.  We are using the first Christian symbol as the framework for this long-term generational campaign:


Return to Him Battle Plan:

I-Identify the issue (African Americans have rejected the God who freed us from slavery for His purposes)
C-Call upon all parties (Ezekiel 33:6)
T-Target the root cause and every sub-cause (Ephesians 6:10-12).
H-Hit, Halt or Horrify every demonic entity, stronghold or device impacting family (Matthew 8:29-31).
U-Use spiritual warfare through all available means and pragmatism (Ephesians 6:15-18)
S-Sustain the campaign until there is change or Jesus comes or both (Exodus 17:12).

The generational battle web site is

by grace through faith

dr. davidSon