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Expired Civil Rights, Moral Majority Models Devastating to Gospel

24 May

Dr. Steven B. DavidSon

We are always endeavoring to be Christ-based, and the same can be said in this document.  Biblically speaking, a dispensation is an administration of time or period when certain principles apply with a definite beginning and end.  While ‘dispensational’ systems applied to Scripture is a theological instrument designed by men, it does not mean it is not accurate.

There are numerous examples of ‘dispensational’ terms in Scripture.  Every time a certain period exist where specific  principles or rules are ‘alive’ could be considered a dispensation.  The examples are numerous:  The Edenic would be the period of creation.  The Adamic would end the Edenic and begin the period of sin and where humanity is under the penalty of death.  Conscience is the period when humanity is to govern itself observing God’s “unwritten” laws according to their conscience.  It failed ‘as planned’ so the Dispensation of Law ensues.  Did Jesus observe any dispensation? Yes!

Jesus while not saying the word dispensation definitely  used the concept of dispensation.  When He alluded to Himself as fulfilling the Law or being the Way, Truth, and Light it marked a new dispensation.  When He spoke of a period of time when there would be masses of false prophets and masses of deceived religious followers, it’s a dispensation.

Civil Rights Dispensation

Fifty years ago was a different period.  No one is going to argue with this truth. The objective of a march-protest was to become a news event with the sole purpose of raising moral-consciousness.  Ultimately, it would be the impetus to change the immoral laws.  The organizers knew that  the United States moral obligation could not stand to see unarmed people being beaten who only desired Constitutional Rights others enjoyed for centuries.  There were no other means of making  an issue known.  So, here are the key elements of the movement.  1. Innocence (non-violent protest)  2. Battling an immoral or unconstitutional system 3. Media attention to raise moral consciousness.

These three elements largely are missing today.  1. Absence of innocence: While it is horrific for people to die encountering police, most often they do have some kind of police-record or act of resisting arrest. No matter how unfortunate it may be, this is a negative in public opinion.  There are many who reason, “you should not have gotten into trouble in the first place.”  They don’t realize that a police-stop is too often based on color, but it really does not matter to them.  2. There are no constitutional arguments.  The laws are on the books.  It is unlawful to mistreat citizens based on a civil rights basis (e.g., race, color, creed, national origin, etc.). Therefore, matters can be addressed in a court room.

3. Finally using t.v. media to raise moral consciousness is overcome by competing interests. First the level of moral consciousness in the national arena is not the same as it was fifty years ago, and media is overexposed with so many global issues a march or social unrest in the United States looks like unrest in any other country. The masses become increasingly immune.  Any protest event  is used almost entirely to support the 24 hour news cycle.   The story becomes old very quickly, and a risk to the news outlet.   There’s little mass-follow-up or outrage other than historical reference.  Social media, as an example is much more expansive, real-time, and powerful.  But it does not get faces on T.V. (an objective of the attention seeking advocate).

Expired Civil Rights Model Devastating to the Gospel

Today,  the most devastating of all concerning these movements is the participation of clergy.   It is a satanic device to divert attention from reaching and developing persons in Christ. It dilutes the Gospel’s strength or otherwise denigrate the Gospel as a methodology to effect change. Similarly the Moral Majority movement that is now cast as the Evangelical Right made the same error, and also continues to do so. Actually, originators of the Moral Majority (Evangelical Right) who excoriated black clergy for involvement in civil rights movement emulated the movement to “Save America.”  A lofty sentiment, but diabolical methodology deferring to politics over the “unadulterated” Gospel.  Their decision has been even more devastating representing a larger populous.

Many clergy members base their personal ministries on the civil rights advocacy model.  While it may serve a historic purpose, and is attractive to those with a cultural cause, it undermines the highest priority, and greatest methodology for change, “developing persons in Christ.”  It’s important to state here, reaching people for Christ is a beginning.  Developing people in-Christ is the point here.

The African American community suffers disproportionately in so many areas, the Gospel has a proven record of liberation for those who give themselves to solid Christian development.  Every dollar and hour expended on social change through other means is a parasite upon developing people in Christ, and thereby functioning as a heresy.

Perhaps at best a protest-march is that it is cathartic, and an excellent talking point for news media.  But when clergy are involved, it’s devastating to the most powerful agent for any kind of change social or otherwise. sbd

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