Adultery Crippling the Church (Sex-Sin of Origin)


A large segment of the Christian community is aghast at the rash of high profile accounts of sexual impropriety during the passed several weeks.  Not even the gates-of-hell can prevail against the Church.  But adultery can cripple the Church, according to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon, Senior Ministry leader and executive director of the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational System. According to DavidSon with an extensive Christian ministries background covering the last four decades, there is a reason for the rash of nationally exposed accounts of sexual impropriety among protestant ministry leaders.   Years of hearing about homosexuality and the gay-agenda, or being programmed that “all sin is the same” and “sin is sin” have contributed to what DavidSon calls the ‘marginalization-of-adultery.’

“Adultery is the nuclear sex-sin!  We are not marginalizing other sex-sins here.  However, the pattern set in Scripture is to focus, particularly on adultery.  Speaking of humanity, God implied that once you destroy the family, all other sins, including sex-sin are opportunistic.  That is, they result from the broken family structure.  And one broken-family weakens the community of families.”

DavidSon continues by revealing what few in ministry make clear. “There is only one sex-sin in the Ten Commandments. It is not rape, homosexuality, incest, necrophilia (sex with the dead), pedophilia, or bestiality, it is ADULTERY.  Yes, the others are in the Law, and all of them carried the death-penalty. However, the sex-sin of origin is adultery.”

According to DavidSon the social implications of adultery are obvious.  But there are other spiritual and physical implications of adultery.  “There are not only social implications, but sex-sin has a deteriorating effect on the body. According to the Apostle Paul sex-sin is sin against your own body.  It may not be immediately apparent, but adulterers who continue unabated can expect deteriorating mental and physical health with the passage of time. This should not be deemed as punishment, but as a reality God designed into physical and mental genetic coding. Our bodies cannot assimilate sex-sin, and particularly adultery.

DavidSon also reveals some of the secrets of ministry leadership.  Apparently, some ministry leaders believe secretly that it is acceptable to have an adulterous relationship as long as the woman is single.  DavidSon responds to this perspective, “First, the Pharisees had the same ‘insight’ for hundreds of years.  Jesus came to straighten their thinking and conduct when he said, ‘have you not heard that in the beginning there was one man and one woman.’  He continued concerning multiple partners or wives ’in the beginning it was not so.’  The Pharisees acted confused.  What sin was it to switch wives with a divorce decree as long as they followed Moses’ commandment?  It was ADULTERY!  This issue was not divorce, it was adultery.”

DavidSon who wrote the book on sexuality for Christians, Christ-based Sexual Counseling, The Decade of Sexual Dysfunction is leading a national initiative: Christians for Integrity, Transparency and Edification (C.I.T.E).  “It shouldn’t be necessary to lead such a program.  However, the Church is so compromised and desensitized, it is necessary to call leaders to a higher standard, and provide provisions for people to address these issues when they happen. Finally, the program offers counseling for falling and fallen leaders. Interested parties can learn more by visiting

According to DavidSon there is no doubt about the damage to the Christian community.  “Today, countless couples, spouses, and anyone who works closely with families will tell you that adultery continues to ravage their hopes and dreams more than any other sex-sin.”

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  Timothy DavidSon, 469-948-4776
A3CEES Web System:,,,,

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  Timothy DavidSon, 469-948-4776
A3CEES Web System:,,,,


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