Illness Suffered by Fallen Leaders (APD)

Christ-based Leader Discloses Illness Suffered by Fallen Christian Leaders

(Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is the nation’s torch-bearing Christ-based Counselor,  leading-edge Christian Educator, Executive Director and Senior Ministry  Leader of the nation’s foremost Christ-based organization, The Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems).

Lewisville, Texas / PRBuzz / June 10, 2011 – – The questions are unending. The mind is boggled by the conduct of Christian leaders caught in seedy circumstances even the secular society deplores. These are the persons who are to point the way to a life of conquering the darkest behavioral conditions.

According to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon there is an explanation. “Unlike, depression where a person can take medications to lighten the mood, nothing can relieve what I’ve identified as Acute-Pneumatos-Depression.”  According to Dr. DavidSon, it is more grave than any other depression. Persons depressed know that something is wrong. They know their mood is not right. But Acute Pnuematos Depression is uniquely different. It has nothing to do with one’s mood, but it does distort mental acuity. It does interrupt self-perception, and corrupts judgment.

According to DavidSon the origins of APD have its beginning with the first human beings. It’s genesis (i.e. genetic beginnings) become apparent after the first murder. And this also answers how persons acquire APD.  “No doubt, Cain was the first person to exhibit APD. God declares, he will be a vagrant and wanderer (Genesis 4:12 NASB). This represents the state of his soul, which manifest itself in every aspect of his life (i.e.,cognitive, spiritual, physical, and social).  Cain’s response is even more important. However his curse manifest itself in terms of appearance and or behavior, he knew others would desire to kill him. His condition made him such a social horror the only response by others was to kill him.”

DavidSon has a profound perspective about who is more likely to suffer with APD. “There is no doubt about Cain and Abel’s place in the human chain. Cain, in fact is mentioned more than Abel. They are leaders. They are founders. Even after being banished Cain’s record continues including generations thereafter.”

DavidSon concludes that while anyone could suffer with similar manifestations, APD is principally found in spiritual leaders and more specifically Christian leaders.   “Absolutely!  Why did’nt God just destroy Cain? He deserved death by his own admission. Cain had a unique calling upon his life. He’s the beginning of offspring. He was anointed to a work.”

DavidSon, discloses what kind of acts lead to APD. “APD can be found in anyone and particularly a leader who commits a corporal offense or sin that would call for stoning. There are grave neuro-spiritual implications for persons involved with these transgressions. As an example, Proverb 6:32 says the man who commits adultery is “lacking sense…destroys his own soul(NASB,KJV). Clearly ‘sense’ identifies brain functioning, and destruction of one’s ‘soul’ represents the spiritual or soulish calamity. No doubt temptation grips him with his personal lust to cross the line, but once he crosses the line what amounts to a neuro-spiritual shroud covers the perpetrator.  You can call it a curse if you desire”

According to DavidSon there is major research concerning the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex (VMPC) of the brain and results when it is damaged. “Based on this research, damage to the VMPC impairs a person’s moral judgment. I must add that I discovered the scientific research after the Christ-based revelation. My point is that what I share about APD from a Christ-based perspective has a parallel in the scientific community. Clearly, the difference here is the spiritual basis causing the damage.”

DavidSon continues by adding examples of persons who have suffered APD in the Bible. “The first qualifier is there has to be substantive reason to hold that the person has a spiritual commission by God. Secondly, there has to be a corporal violation.  I could name a few such as Adam, Cain, Samson, Eli, and King Saul. However, the classic case is David. Here’s a spiritual man, and a servant of God without question. What happens to his mental acuity, judgment and spiritual sensitivity after involvement in adultery and murder is classic APD.”

According to DavidSon there’s another part of APD that must be recognized. “First, once ‘confronted’ David never participated in the behavior again. Secondly, the person with APD will confront the sin that led to the condition.  There will be a public confession as in the case of David or we wouldn’t know the story. Thirdly, there will be acceptance of the earthly consequences.”

DavidSon continues. “APD is extremely progressive. The longer it goes unchecked the more acute it becomes. By the way, APD must not become confused with what some call crippling guilt. The APD person does not experience guilt. This person is a megalomaniac. Denial and projecting on others are more likely until the APD reaches the ultimate usually the destruction of the persons ministry pinnacle.  These persons may continue in ministry, but their ministry is never the same again.”

When asked about others who do not exhibit such a response as David demonstrated, DavidSon adds, “Oh, that clearly is not APD. APD is a depression of the Holy Spirits operation in the person. There are persons who are leaders, but they never had the Spirit of the Lord in the first place. You can call that NBA-never born again. No pun intended. It is the only explanation.”

The next time you ponder how a Christian leader can become involved in a deplorable act? Or why a leader’s judgment is so impaired? And they do something so regrettable it would call for stoning you are probably witnessing APD.”


Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  T.R.DavidSon, 469-948-4776
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