Astrology, The Prophetical, and Demon Possession

It may seem innocent, spiritual and even like fun, but according to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon many of the instruments of mystery, fortune telling, and prophecy are nothing less than spiritual conduits to a web of mental and emotional darkness that cannot be explained.

“I first became aware of the dangers about forty years ago. While in the military I was working in the Philippines with the Christian Missionary Group the Navigators. There is a great deal of occult activity in under-developed countries, and some locations in the United States. There were two cases of fellow military personnel. One I knew personally who became involved with a ‘faith healer’ and both became ill and severely shaken.

There was a book recommended by the Navigators entitled Between Christ and Satan with documented evidence of demonic possessions, and in every case it was persons who dabbled in instruments of darkness.”

DavidSon diagnosed a case when returning from over seas. “Remember, this happened before the movie Exorcist. The movie propelled the issue into the nation’s consciousness. Nevertheless, a fellow airman was arrested requiring about six military police to subdue him. When he was released he visited my room mate. He could not explain his conduct.  Remembering the examples in the book, Between Christ and Satan, I asked him about his home. He told me Louisiana. Louisiana was one of the locations cited in the book as ripe with mysticism and superstitious activity at the time. I asked him if he ever participated in any kind of séance, or if relatives ever used a potion to cure any ailments? He confessed that his grandmother used a potion on him, and also tied a rag around his head along with speaking what he called ‘magic words.’”

DavidSon believes that superstition and mysticism have infiltrated many churches and church movements.   “There is not much difference between some one having what’s called ‘the prophetical gift’ without basis in God’s word, and persons who purport to tell the future with astrology, palm reading and other forms of clairvoyance. A spirit (Satan) offered a marvelous answer for Jesus’ hunger after fasting forty days.  He suggested, if He (Jesus) was the Son of God to turn stones to bread.  What’s wrong with such a marvelous idea for hunger?  There’s no moral issue. It couldn’t harm anyone.  Jesus responded ‘It is written, man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ Jesus responded with the written Word to all three temptations (Matthew 4:2-10). A prophetical word must meet the test of the detailed written-Word of God. Many, but not all of the people with ‘the prophetical’ are not Biblically sound.  Give me a name including Moses, the prophets, or apostles, the majority of them were writers, and they became extraordinarily astute concerning God’s written Word. Today, what’s called ‘the prophetical’ is nothing but a veil for fortune telling in many cases.

It’s an attention getting ministry that a person can achieve with little or no extensive practice of Biblical study. It’s like my friend who went to see the faith-healer over forty years ago. The faith-healer carried a Bible to give a sense of comfort and false security.”   DavidSon offers a stern warning to those who dabble with the occult or what he calls instruments of darkness.

 “I am Christ based, and I don’t think there are many people on the planet who would consider me to be an ignoramus. Witchcraft, mediums, demon possessions and the instruments of darkness are throughout Scripture. They are real, and they are not play-things. Simply because someone predicts the future and it becomes true does not mean the source is godly. By the way concerning demonic manifestations, I’m not talking about mental or emotional illness that is the result of some circumstance or anatomical problem.    

I’m talking about unexplainable mental and emotional disturbances where evidence exists of dabbling with forbidden instruments of the occult. There are only four authorized instruments for spiritual tuition and wisdom. These are the Word, faith, prayer, and fasting. These are the authorized instruments to navigate the spiritual realm. And persons you or I know who experiment, play, or seriously involve themselves with the occult place themselves and others in harms way.”

 Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  Timothy DavidSon, 469-948-4776
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