Black Clergy More Sandal Prone?


It is a stigma that few dare to mention aloud. But it is on the minds of many according to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon. “It is always short-sided to jump to conclusions without extensive research, but anecdotally there is enough evidence for serious concern.”

DavidSon who is the founder of the nation’s leading Christ-based Counseling and Educational organization responds that most high profile scandals have not been African American during the last three decades.”The largest scandals of the last 3 decades have not been African American. There have been scandals associated with names like Baker, Swaggart, Haggart, and others. However. I admit these are high profile ministries and this is where we cannot be led to think scandal is not a major issue in the African American community. Other than Henry Lyons and Eddie Long, we have not heard of scandals among African America churches nationally, but this is a function of the national profile where they are not as widely known.”

However, according to DavidSon, the Viral Age has changed the exposure level so any church in the nation can be exposed. “Now with viral technologies everyone is exposed and unfortunately, bad news is all the news there is when a member of clergy falls. And very often, it is someone in the African American church.”

DavidSon provides factors, which contribute to the scandal phenomena in African American churches. These apply to any Church community, but particularly the African American community. According to DavidSon, these are economics, independence, ignorance, but more importantly what DavidSon calls ministry-culture DNA.

“The pastor is typically the product of his community. If it is poor, ignorant, violent, and sexually promiscuous,  or any combination of these it should not be a surprise to see these apparent in the pulpit. When you add to this a culture or fraternity of tacit approval, the enormity of the problem is daunting.”

DavidSon cites a local pastor in Oakland, California charged with an inappropriate relationship with an 18 year old, and a pastor in Paterson, New Jersey charged with stabbing his lover in the face with a knife as recent examples. “Reportedly, another  pastor in Oakland who allegedly birthed a child out of an extramarital affair is assisting the pastor charged in the Oakland case. Frequently, pastors with scandalous behavior fraternize with pastors prone to similar conduct. The pastor who stabbed his alleged lover, is a felon who was convicted for a similar incident.” Both of these incidents represent a much larger issue according to DavidSon.

 “Some of the larger denominational organizations such as the Church of God in Christ, the National Baptist Church of America, and others with their state and local affiliates should have major initiatives to keep these matters on the front burner. In fact, all denominations.” DavidSon captures a more grave consequence.  “Considering the thousands of churches, there are so many great representatives. But when one person falls, it is crushing to families, seniors, the community, and above all, the God we represent. There must be greater community forces speaking against the conduct, and I’m a firm believer in an established code-of-conduct that requires resignation for impeachable offenses. This reduces the pain associated with splitting churches and serves notice before a leader becomes involved in scandalous behavior.” DavidSon’s ministry assist churches with resources and administrative concepts at any of the A3CEES web sites.

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  T.R.DavidSon, 469-948-4776
A3CEES Web System:,



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