Nation’s First Christian Women Seminary

Nation’s First Christian Women Seminary, Online

Lewisville, Texas (PRBuzz) August 18, 2010 — The nation’s leading Christ-based organization challenges years of tradition and religious restriction with the nation’s first Christian Women Seminary named thusly to recognize women’s contributions to the Christian faith and further supports their preparation for church leadership–when they believe they are called to do so. The Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems Senior Ministry Leader and leading-edge Christian educator Dr. Steven B. DavidSon admits the obvious.”Clearly, we are opposing years of tradition in some circles, but not all. We are not doing this as a novelty. I invite anyone in the nation to consider our Biblical-grounds for such an institution who is not stifled by dogma.”

According to Dr. DavidSon–who conducted extensive Biblical analysis on the topic during the 1990s–there are four principles that call for women to lead in spite of Scripture that instruct women to be silent, submit to men, and not to usurp authority over men among other issues. DavidSon explains,  “A lot has changed in the forty years that I have been in-tuned to ministry. The clergy-circles who were staunchly against a women speaking publicly have softened.  Now, some believe women can speak, but not lead men.  However, I have found Biblically that women must lead when men are incapacitated, irresponsible, insistent, or by God’s incredibility. And the Apostle Paul has been maligned as being a misogynist since he is the one alluded to the most for restricting women.  There’s one critical point overlooked concerning Paul’s apostolic writings.  He is talking to a Church in its infancy. They were babies in-the-faith where organizationally, severe limitations are required with some exceptions.  In fact, he had no issue with recognizing churches in women’s homes.  Moreover, it is not a moral issue. It is a matter of origin and design. While I firmly believe that we must observe creative order and design, no one knows when there is a special call upon a woman’s life and what she will encounter. A woman must be prepared and encouraged like her male counterpart with a desire to serve. God knows we continue to have too many unprepared men in many communities who are a detriment to the cause. The bottom-line is, we need all-hands to pursue the cause of Jesus in this final age. I believe He is more interested in accomplishing His primary objective than demanding the appropriate gender under circumstances we face in America and world-wide.”

Perhaps it would be enough to launch a women’s seminary, but the organization is opening a system of seminaries transcending denominational lines including the World Baptist Seminary, National Pentecostal Seminary and International Bishop’s Seminary to name a few.  According to DavidSon, launching these institutions mirror the A3CEES organization. “We are Christ-based with participating associates and ministries from every denomination.  We have a mature-in Christ perspective.  The questions is, are you in Christ-Jesus? And do you believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit with manifestations of His influence in your life?

According to DavidSon, Dr. Dennise Bates of Houston, Texas will be the Christian Women Seminary’s first president.  She moves from being the Associate Director for the National Association of Certified Christ-based Counselors another A3CEES ministry to take the helm of the seminary along with female elders and support staff.

“We are energized by what the Lord is doing, and we are ready to extensively equip women across the nation as we have with our Christ-based Counseling credentials program. By the way,  men are not excluded from matriculating at CWS.” The online seminary can be visited at

Article by: CB Press Associates


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