“Christians” Fooled into Hell

No doubt, this apostasy or falling away are persons who claim to be followers of Jesus. Others see verses 8-10 happening before verses 11-12.  However verses 11-12 can be viewed as an explanation of why the events in verses 8-10 happened. Whether before or after, when the Lawless One or (anti-Christ) appears he is received because of “delusion.” The ASV, Authorized Standard Version of the Bible says, “God sendeth them a working of error.”  That is, these people have been “fooled” into having a false sense of salvation. They know little about faith in Jesus Christ beyond making a claim of Christianity. There are several reasons by implication: 1. They were given a false-basis for salvation due to poor instruction.  2. Sound instruction was not available, or 3. Sound instruction was not impressed upon them as an essential requirement of the faith. We know these are the causes.   The command in verse 15 gives clarity.  Believers taught by the apostles’ deeds or epistles (letter-instructions) are told to use these instructions to “stand firm!”

Brothers and sisters the evidence is convincing that we are living in the day of apostasy, and it continues to unfold.  Today, churches must entertain people, or they will not come. Masses are convinced that the Christian faith is about gaining material wealth, and there’s an “every body is going to heaven mentality.” The decline in moral-leadership and rise in unwillingness to repent is alarming. Pulpit preaching in many circles is more about style than substance.  Also, compare the number who attend Bible study to those who attend the assembly hour on Sunday. What would happen if a congregation had a First Century Church Experience month with no dancers, no videos, no choirs, no pulpit homily?  Sadly, we know the outcome.  The point of this is obvious:  Please, don’t be fooled! Know the Age we are experiencing. We don’t want anyone who we know, or who knows this ministry to be fooled. If you need to contact us on what can be done, or other comments email me.


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