The Falling Church

(Lewisville, TX, February  10, 2010). Brawls, government-politics, moral failure, schisms, bigotry, and scandal in-general have all been a part of the Church since its birth two-thousand years ago.   However, there are major differences, which represent the Church’s collapsing condition today according to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon.

First, I have a global view of the Church, and a communal perspective.  The First Century Church is represented by two major factions today, the Catholic Church, and Protestant Churches.  Today, both of them have serious challenges.   Obviously, volumes have been written on Church History.  However, this is not difficult to determine.  Two-thousand years ago the Church was self-supporting, extraordinarily communal, self-correcting, and obsessed on the Gospel message.  All believers were tied together.  Over a two-thousand year period, it’s reasonable to expect erosion.  However,  I’m not sure that what we have today is a reasonable facsimile, but it is the best we have.”

When asked how he can be sure that what he follows today is accurate, he offers what every believer can embrace. “No doubt, ‘confessed’ believers are falling, and by falling I mean moving away from the principal purpose for the Church’s existence.  The work of Jesus Christ continues to be a battle-field for those who desire to stay focused on the principal message and mission.  It is His message and purpose that keeps us grounded.“

DavidSon does not speak from a soured view of Christian ministry. “Viewing Christian ministry with a critical perspective, and being a light or example of contemporary Christian ministry is a part of every leader’s responsibility. God has honored me with a marvelous platform, and I lead it to His glory.” Davidson is executive director of the nation’s leading Christ-based organization. It is a multifaceted, pioneering web-based ministry.“ Believe me, I’m not confused by what I see in the Biblical guidance for ministry.  Delivering the message of Jesus Christ is the priority and basis of the work.   I don’t mean in some indirect or vicarious way such as social programs, feel-good fellowships, moral-based political campaigns, or religious activities. This is not rocket science. There is the Message, then the equipping of believers for representative living and service.  Biblical Scripture is the basis for this.”  

DavidSon provides simple examples for Christian ministries to measure themselves.  “ Let’s take the typical local church.  There is a building somewhere, and believers gather there.    The key is assessing the teachers and preachers level of preparation, what they do with their time, and how they are engaging congregations in instruction.  

There are few exceptions, but today you will discover the non-instructional support functions, and activities consume the finances and deemphasize instruction.  When this happens, the ministry’s priorities are compromised.      As a result, the believers are weak, defeated, nominal in their faith, easily misguided, and pronged to conflict. There are practically no membership requirements, and often there’s little or no oversight of leadership.

The leaders are a subset of this group, so it is an endless cycle.”  Supporting this condition is what DavidSon calls the reality of 2 Thessalonians 2 verse3, where a falling away is predicted.  DavidSon does not necessarily accept that this will be a one time event.  DavidSon concludes, “The word apostasia in verse 3 is a noun and all of the supporting verbs are in the aorist tense.  So, it is just as conceivable that the falling happens with the passage of time.  One thing is clear, other than the Gospel message, what we see today is a shadow of the massive and unified corporate-movement that accompanied the beginnings of the Church.      

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  Timothy DavidSon, 469-948-4776
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