My Number 1 Sin, Gluttony

There are not too many national evangelical anti-gluttony campaigns. There are not many preachers in pulpits sharing concerns about gluttony. By the way, a person can appear thin as a rail, but be a glutton, and another may have a robust appearance and not be a glutton at all. I confess my share of struggles, and I am not alone.  Also, you’ll find that Jesus was charged with being gluttonous (Matthew 11:9).  However, rarely if ever is gluttony mentioned as a concern in any assembly. How could this condition that is a known cause for strokes and heart-disease be so “under-the-radar?” Factually, it could be argued that some church functions are a major contributor.  If you want to ensure attendance at a church event, announce there will be food.  People will attend as if they are in a third-world country.  


This may sound humorous, but it is deadly-serious. Satan’s first lie and trick involved food (See handout link)  Thereafter, he attempted to thwart the plan of God by attempting to trick the Son of God to turn stones into bread (Matthew 4:3-6).

So, the principles of sin and food are shaped from the beginning when the function of eating was involved in the original act of disobedience.  Eating has been a problem from that period. Initially developed as a function of pleasure, eating becomes a function of necessity and a contributor to the death process. Initially, the first generations ate organic foods, but after the Flood the ecology is so depleted God grants a contingency. He allows humans to do something horrific, but needed. They began to eat animals.

It is clearly evident that after the Flood when the human diet becomes animal-based, life expectancy declines dramatically.  Generations prior to Noah lived hundreds of years. Generations after Noah live less than 200 years.  This is more than a coincidental fact.

Today, the scientific evidence aligns with Biblical truth. The Biblical truth is that the human body was not designed to consume the level of food and particularly animal fat we presently consume. Diabetes, cancers, numerous digestive and rectal issues are directly attributed to diet.  As the author of Christ-based Weight Management several years ago, it will never be outdated because the book and concepts explore deeply the Biblical truths concerning food and the human anatomy.

There’s no doubt about the effectiveness of the program and what it offers for the believer mentally and spiritually to control food consumption.  Today there’s the book and CD, or view the videos, and complete the course.  We will always recommend the course because principles are learned through prayer and study.  Reading is like a preview, but study involves activities designed to change living practices.

We strongly recommend the book with the complete program.  Nevertheless, here’s handouts and a virtual presentation you can watch at the Christ-based Education and Counseling Hub:


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