Inter-sexuality, Jesus, and Our Part

The moment most Christians see anything dealing with gender, we move into attack mode or retreat.  Perhaps we should not do either, but see it as an opportunity.  Here’s a word, “hermaphrodite.” This is a person born with both male and female sexual genitalia. Is this possible?  What about a man born in a woman’s body or a woman born in a man’s body?

By the way, this topic has nothing to do with sexual intercourse.  Remove thoughts of homosexuality or heterosexuality out of your thinking for the purposes of what we share here.  The answer to these questions should align with your theology or Biblical knowledge about patrimonial-sin and all that sin has influenced from the beginning.  Do you believe that sin became a genetic issue passing to every human being?  Do you believe that the original sin is the principal cause for every kind of sickness and disease passing through humanity? I’m hopeful that your answer is yes to both questions (Romans 5:12-21).

Some clarity will help here.  By patrimonial-sin, I mean that every person is a sinner.  As a result of the first man’s original sin and by declaration of God (Genesis 3:17-19) sin became a characteristic of humanity’s blood.  So, human sperm is sin-infected.  David said, “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me (Psalm 51:5).”

As a result, a child may have defects such as a cleft lip, autism, multiple-sclerosis, etc. Because of patrimonial-sin a child could be born blind, or even stillborn. Even if the child is healthy, eventually the child will become an adult, and the adult will age and begin deteriorating. These are the implications of patrimonial sin.  Do not confuse the implications of patrimonial sin with the consequences of personal sin. They are related, but they function differently upon humanity.

As an example, let me give you a prophecy about your life.  You will die! That is, your body is going to die. I’ve shared previously.  One of the greatest voices of Christian healing in my life time was Kathryn Kuhlman.  Today, you can visit her website, but Kathryn died. She died from the deterioration of the body due to patrimonial-sin, which leads to death.  Unfortunately, there are those who believe she lacked faith or failed at some point; or that she was removed without death.  The Biblical evidence is she died as a result of patrimonial-sin (Hebrew 9:27).

You have no choice in the condition in which you are born, but you do have “some” choice in the decisions in which you will live. If you believe in patrimonial-sin, then the concept of a man born in a woman’s body or visa-versa should not be an alarm, or call for Christians to make rash judgments.  Christians also should not hide in ignorance.

Jesus and the disciples worked with people who struggled with their gender and they healed them (Matthew 9:35; Luke 4:40).  When a person is born inter-sexually, it can be a birth defect like any other patrimonial-defect.  Again, we are not talking about homo-sex, or hetero-sex.  We are talking about persons sincerely struggling with the issue of gender.  By the way, if a person is struggling with gender, it could lead to homosexual or heterosexual activity.

Remember, we cannot represent Jesus by making enemies of the people we are called to reach. The next time you see someone struggling with the issue of gender, you may have an opportunity to show sincere concern, and eventually, you may have an opportunity to share Jesus.  And if you have worked with people as a pastor, elder, or Christian counselor and no one struggling with issues concerning gender has asked you for help, it “could” be a reflection on your public expressions against these persons.

One day, we all will have to give account for how we viewed people.  We better have the right perspective.





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