Parents and Churches Warned About Children Falling Prey to End-time Technologies

 September 21, 2007

Leading the nation’s exclusive Christ-based Counseling organization including one of the largest web-based Christian Education programs, A3CEES is taking the initiative to warn parents and churches about a diabolical scheme to undermine their corporate testimony for Jesus Christ by assailing their children.

Concerning what he calls the attack-of-darkness upon young people, the tactic is not new according to DavidSon. DavidSon adds, “Biblically speaking, the children of God’s people have always been a target. And the technology issue has been present for some time.” DavidSon continues, “Nevertheless, we must continue to sound the alarm and give greater clarity to the challenge. The problem is the fall-out of technological neglect. Often parents are providing children with technologies, but they are not monitoring the technologies, and this is providing access with devastating results.”

According to DavidSon it is not merely television and internet access. He warns parents about the whole technology bundle including internet access, ipods, cell phones and other devices that can be the instruments of darkness including illicit messages, video, and similar activities.

DavidSon also cites parental degradation as a factor. “Clearly, masses of parents today do not have the same care-threshold. This means they either lack the parenting standards, or do not have the parental determination in an age when they are also dominated by a self-seeking culture. Whether families are intact, single-parent, or blended, they are all being affected by this campaign of spiritual wickedness in the ‘air-waves.’

“Parents must make the choices and churches, particularly should be interested and invested in combating this assault. I’m so afraid that we are asleep at-the-wheel in many cases; we are caught-up in traditional ‘churching’ as a goal, or major Christian organizations expend enormous resources seeking political or other assistance in these matters. Obviously, A3CEES is in the minority today. We hold that believers in Jesus Christ are called to be a Christ-based-nation within the community of worldly-nations.

“Our methodology for the ills of humanity is wrapped in the Gospel message including the life of Jesus Christ, and His life-functioning principles. While avoiding deceptions and diversions, this requires a lifetime of focus and sacrifice. And as persons with leading responsibility for people including children in this final age, we are determined to be found faithful to our Master and His methodology.” A3CEES offers some video program guidance for churches and parents to respond to this crisis on their national web-system at


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