A Return to Spanking


More than one million incarcerated, and administrators and teachers whom fear children who kill other children and youths, represent a condition that did not exist forty years ago. According to Dr Steven B. DavidSon, these facts and mounting evidence point to a collapse of discipline among other problems.

“It has been more than forty years since our enlightened nation has followed the behaviorists who argue that spanking leads to violence. Now, we can see the results. Sure, there are some who say that we are over simplifying, but no more than those who say that spanking leads to violence.”

DavidSon developed Christ-based Counseling as a personal and family-life discipline for Christians that distinguishes life concepts from secularized-Christian approaches for family functioning.  “We embrace extensive studies concerning parenting, but we don’t see these studies as more important than creator-based principles concerning corrective management for children.” DavidSon recalls the experience of a mother who slapped her toddler with such force that he rolled across the floor at a school event.

“It’s a small example of a much larger picture. This child was about three, and he was a model of behavior for a about thirty minutes sitting next to his mother.  He became restless, and she tried everything to get him under control. The final time she told him to be still, he responded by sticking-out his tongue. She back-handed the toddler who went rolling on the floor.”  According to DavidSon, children sense when parents are limited in what they can do. But parents need corporal discipline to make all of the other forms work.

“Given the example, it is preferable that parents  take their toddler to a restroom for a little ‘board of education on the seat of learning’ under control, before doing something that is violent, abusive and out of control. When we hear of parents or women who murder their children, it is often because the demand and unwieldiness of the children is so overwhelming, parents do something horrific.”

DavidSon does not believe it is possible to reverse four decades of socialization. “We are not going to reverse decades of socialization, but the objective is to make a difference in the lives of Christian parents and their children one family at a time.”

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  T.R.DavidSon, 469-948-4776
Email: hisglory@a3ceesaffirmed.org
A3CEES Web System: Christbasedcounseling.org, Collegeplex.org





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