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Ministry Transcends Denominational-Segregation and Cultural Paradigms/ PRBuzz / June 30, 2011 – – (Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is the nation’s torch-bearing Christ-based Counselor,  leading-edge Christian Educator, Executive Director and Senior Ministry  Leader of the nation’s foremost Christ-based organization, The Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems). 

Lewisville, Texas July 1, 2011.  There is the growing sentiment and exposure concerning the diluting of Christian schools and seminaries across the nation.  According to Dr. Steven B. DavidSon the secular dilution, and debt enslavement represents a dark anti-faith profile of Christian colleges and seminaries across the nation.  “In my estimation this began during the 1960s. You’ll discover that many major Christian schools and seminaries were not so called accredited.  Now, the change is so pervasive even the most conservative schools like Bob Jones have capitulated.”

Davidson’s ministry have been watching the issue for several years.  “” is one of the highest Googled sites in the nation for Christian accreditation. The site is  dedicated to identifying the problem and assisting Christian ministries with viable self and third-party assessments. “The problem is not simple to overcome, but the source is undeniable. The majority of these schools need federal dollars to survive based on anti-faith requirements established by the United States Department of Education accreditation process over the years. Now, overwhelmed by infrastructure costs, they need students to take advantage of government student loans and grants.  Imagine the irony for those schools who openly detest the government both liberal and conservative alike.”

 DavidSon’s ministry does not stand alone. He cites the findings of HEB Ministries vs. The Texas Board of Education where the Texas Supreme Court (2/2007) ruled in behalf of HEB Ministry’s Seminary. The Court found sufficient evidence demonstrating that the accreditation process perverts tenants of the Christian faith. DavidSon also references the findings of the American Research Group.  The Group sampled 200 Christian schools. “We were not surprised by the degree of compromise and results found by the Group and cited in Ken Ham and Greg Halls’ book,’ Compromised.’ They discovered that many Christian college administrators and educators do not believe key areas of the Bible.”  According to DavidSon it would be manageable if that were the only challenge, but there are other serious failures. “When you add the debt students incur along with the lack of ministry employment it is a burden only the most naive would not seriously consider. Obviously, there are exceptions, but this is a massive problem for the faith. ”

Finally, according to DavidSon the denominational-segregation and cultural bigotry is a major source of embarrassment for the faith.  “Obviously, we can never reverse the devastation.  We will do what we can to make a difference.  Clearly, every leader will give an account one day.”  DavidSon leads the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems (A3CEES), which  offers several denominational Christian colleges and seminaries online.  This is the first of its kind. “We are truly transformative.  But more than anything, we are Christ-based.”

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  T.R.DavidSon, 469-948-4776
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