Why Christians Suffer So


(April 23, 2010, Lewisville, Texas). Anyone with any degree of local church experience realizes that operating in a local church is filled with challenges and difficulty. However no one has captured the reason for the difficulties in a way that Dr. Steven B. DavidSon has quantified the issue.

 “First, the Church belongs to Jesus. He is the founder. The Church is the most important agency on the planet. If you love Jesus then we must love the Church. After all, we are the Church.

 What we are here to do is not rocket science. We are to make disciples. We are to make Jesus learners and doers. These are people who closely observe Jesus then under the power of the Holy Spirit they emulate His same behavior and conduct through life circumstances. This is the core of the challenge in our churches.”

 According to DavidSon there are a number of simple reasons why this is not happening.  “First cultural and traditional forces have diluted the principal purpose with the passage of time. We are all affected. Whatever the member process is, rarely if ever will the pastor or elder ask if a person desires to be a disciple.  The word is rarely mentioned. Thereafter, no simple model is provided for the people.

 Secondly, too often there are little or no expectations. We have set a low bar. Jesus told his disciples to follow Him (Matthew 4:19, 8:22, 9:9). New members may not have a clear view of expectations. Once a person expresses a desire to become a member of the local church,  expectations must be clearly tied to becoming a disciple of Jesus. This is very difficult. We are much more likely to make people disciples of our organization, denominations, and denominational dogma.”  However, DavidSon admits these are not the causes that have the most impact.

 “It is as simple as time. Using Jesus as the model for developing believers or disciples, the original disciples where with him between three to four years. He did so much in their presence it was impossible to record it all (John 21:25).

Consider that if they slept 8 hours a day this would mean they spent more than 17000 hours in Jesus’ presence learning by word and deed, and ministering under his guidance (Mark 6:1). Now we have the model for the amount of time and quality of instruction a believer must have. If the typical church member today observed a one hour sermon, participated in a one hour Sunday class, attended a midweek Bible study and participated in 2 hours of core ministry service each week it would require 67 years to reach the equivalent of what the original disciples experienced in a 3 year period.

Let me be clear.  If Jesus Himself was the pastor of each local church, given the typical programming where every member fully participated 5 hours per week in core learning and service ministries it would take 67 years to get the equivalent of what Jesus provided as the model for believers.”

According to DavidSon this is why Christians have such difficulty representing the Lord, and he believes the first thing is to begin showing believers the model Jesus set for believers. He believes that less than 20% of typical church members meet the 5 hour standard, and even they need about 67 years to begin operating at the maturity of First Century believers.

“Luke highlights the daily functioning of the Church in the book of Acts showing the intensity of the Church’s operation (Acts 2:46, 2:47, 3:2, 5;42, 6:1). We are far from the standard they set. This should be the standard for every church ministry.”

DavidSon leads one of the nation’s most robust Christian education systems on line including video supported instruction for every level of believer. “We plan to do all we can to inform the church community and to make our assets available to churches. If there was ever a time when we could make daily instruction and ministry available this is it. The technologies are available.”

Article by: CB Press Associates
Contact:  Timothy DavidSon, 469-948-4776
Email: hisglory@a3ceesaffirmed.org
A3CEES Web System: Christbasedcounseling.org, M2Maturity.org, A3CEESaffirmed.org, M2Maturity.org, Collegeplex.org



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