Our Broken Sisters, Healed!

It was one of the darkest days of my adult-life.  Deeply wounded by a broken marital relationship, my daughter was in deep trouble.  The signs were apparent.  She and her son moved in with us.  She was becoming distant.  She’d come home after work and stare at the computer screen long periods of time.  She was becoming increasingly forgetful.  She was less conscientious about her appearance.  It was all the signs of depression.  More critical was her inability to control her thinking.  She continued to dwell on her circumstances.  She replayed the situation over-and-over again in her mind. She so desired to have a vibrant marital relationship, but it was not to be. The night of March 2, 2010 the clear sign of emotional break-down was obvious.   

Conclusion:  She screamed, “Dad, Dad let me show you something.” She was looking at the computer screen, and she said look, “Snickers!”  It was the picture of a Snickers candy bar. Somehow the candy bar had mysterious meaning to her.  I responded, “Baby, let’s go to the hospital.”  She said she didn’t need too, but I said “let’s just go for a visit.”  We arrived, but I could not find her insurance card.  The hospital administration made us return home, and scheduled us to return the next day.  The next day, March 3, 2010 when we tried to return,  she was too deep in delusion.  She refused.  I called the EMTs, which included law-enforcement.  Several hours revealed a complete display of behavior so out of character for her, it is hard to explain.

However, there was never any vile language.  There was never any sordid or sexual conduct whatsoever.  In fact, when the police arrived she became an evangelist.  She asked them did they know the Lord, and asked, “Do you believe Jesus is coming back?”  She told them about the marvelous relationship she had with her husband in the beginning.  She said her name was no longer Tai, but T-Ruth (after Ruth in the Bible). Through all of this she constantly repeated the chorus to Jesus, Jesus, Jesus by the late Rev. Timothy Wright.  Never disrespectful toward her parents, this day, all anger was directed toward me.  She even called me the devil.  They finally got her outside, and she fell onto the lawn. She placed her head on her folded hands as if to go to sleep. They transported her to the local mental facility.

We were crushed.  As a family we joined together after the ambulance departed before going to the hospital, and we prayed.  We had no idea if she would ever regain her mind, but we dedicated ourselves to pray and be faithful until she walked through the door again.  Shortly thereafter, I remember falling on my knees at my bedside.  My heart was completely broken.  I thanked the Lord for His goodness and spoke like Job.  I recall saying no matter what, “I’ll bless your Holy name.”

Days later, given the help of medicinal therapy she regained her senses.  The psychiatrist prescribed psychotropic drugs for the remainder of her life.  She was sleeping endlessly, and very lethargic.   We sought another psychiatrist’s perspective my colleague and sister in Christ, Dr. Lisa Pierce-Johnson.    Her cautious perspective was that it was a temporary event.  Tai discontinued the medicine.  Today, we celebrate two years.   She’s completely recovered. She’s climbing the corporate ladder, but more importantly,  the experience has deepened her love for Jesus.

Sunday night, March 4, 2012 we launch a special support group for women.  We understand how broken our sisters can be.  But we also understand that God can lift our sisters out of the darkest places of despair. T-Ruth invites you to join-us.   Amen!

(Disclaimer:  Please do not accept this as the cause to discontinue “required” medication.  Seek a physicians assistance, and always be in prayer).



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